Defining Expectations

Many business owners become frustrated on a daily, weekly and monthly basis because their staff just are not doing what they are expected to do. Day in and day out staff under perform, don’t complete all the daily tasks, staff don’t treat customers properly and they certainly do not work as a group to get the job done.

So we ask ourselves as business owners…why can’t I get my staff to do their job properly….? This is where it should dawn on you….you have failed to define your expectations!

We take for granted that day-to-day operations are supposed to run smoothly, that staff should pick up and learn and perform by company standards. We think that after a certain period of time following training and probationary periods that staff should be able to function on their own. However….we ourselves take for granted that staff need constant tools provided to them, they need “to-do” lists to know which tasks are to be completed and most importantly they need to know what is EXPECTED of them; not just when they are hired, not just when they have reviews quarterly, semi-annually or annually, but daily, weekly and monthly they should know what is expected of them.

We cannot become complacent and continue to believe our staff just “get it” because unfortunately they do not always get it and as companies change and expectations evolve, staff need to be made aware of the next course of action to continue to make the company successful.

So next time you are frustrated and are trying to find a way to get your staff on the same page….ask yourself “Have I defined my expectations?”


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