Working in teams….is it effective?


The answer is simple, yes and no!

Team work, when established correctly can be of great benefit to your organization, project or task however poorly established team work can be of no benefit at all. Theories tell us that once teams are created the job will surely get done and will get done right, however that is certainly not the case. Just because a team has been implemented, doesn’t mean the team is best to get the job done.

So what are the characteristics of a good team?

Clear Goals

Relevant skills

Trust amongst each other

Joint commitment


Negotiating skills


Support for one another

External support

As with any team (sports teams, work teams, family teams) there needs to be a sense of group cohesion. The members of the team need to feel a connection to one another and believe that the team members have the best interest of the team and commitment to the goal in mind at all times. The team needs to know they are working together and feel a sense that it’s a “one for all and all for one’ mindset. Simply put, strong cohesiveness creates high productivity, without cohesiveness all you have is a group of people working against each other.


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