Undercover Boss

For me personally, PVR is right up there with the greatest inventions that benefit my life! My most recent PVR lineup consists of the weekly presentations of Undercover Boss Canada. I am excited every week to see which company is featured and what each company finds about the inner workings of their business.

The great thing about this show is that it really highlights how “out of touch” you can become with what happens on the front lines of your business. In particular, what happens during the daily transactions between your staff and customers as well as what challenges and difficulties are presented on a daily basis which make your teams jobs more difficult.

Whether your business is large or small this premise pertains to all businesses. We get so caught up in running our company and staying behind the scenes to manage change and company growth but we often forget that the front line changes as well. Staffing changes with generations, technology changes to process transactions, customers expectations change and product or service requirements change. We forget to “check in” with our older or perhaps out of date processes to really make sure they are working correctly for our company growth strategies.

Here are some questions to consider: When was the last time you watched your staff and critiqued their people skills? When was the last time you walked through your business and took note of the equipment or machines that were not up to date with their maintenance? When was the last time you surveyed your customers to find out what they really wanted?

Some food for thought as we begin to approach a season where people become more alive, a season which brings out new ideas and fresh thinking, a season which has everyone’s eyes and ears a bit more open and in tune with their surroundings. Spring is a season to refocus, rejuvenate and re-train our processes to ensure we are doing our best as a company from both behind the seasons and the front lines.


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