Ohhhh to be a fly on the wall….

Have you ever imagined how wonderful it would be to watch your staff undetected and undisturbed while they are working. Watching their true dynamics with customers and seeing them work through their daily operational tasks?

Ohhhh to be a fly on the wall….. hearing, & watching everything that happens on a daily basis to know first hand what the heck is happening behind your back.

Since we unfortunately cannot be a fly on the wall, there are ways to gather information and knowledge to learn what is happening at your business when you are not there.

Secret Shoppers (hired company)

Secret Shoppers (hired friends)

Customer surveys or feedback questionnaires

Follow up meetings with staff

Video cameras

At some point in time it does become important to understand as best as possible if your staff are conducting business operations the way in which they are intended. At some point we need to be aware of any kinks in the chain so we can work at solving day-to-day problems. Although there is a fine line between spying and not trusting your staff vs. showing confidence and trust in staff, it is however always important to look out for what is best for your business.

Checking in every now and again is highly encouraged to ensure you keep a handle on your business. After all, the investment is yours!


About S & S HR Outsourcing

Lisa Salvador B.A | H.R.M A graduate of Human Resource Management, Sociology and Business. With over 8 years experience managing and developing small companies to assist in their continued growth, S & S HR Outsourcing has the tools you need to keep your business moving forward.
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