About S & S

S & S HR Outsourcing was started by Lisa Salvador B.A | H.R.M of Winnipeg, Mb Canada. With a background in Human Resource Management, Business and Sociology along with 8 years experience working with growing companies, S & S understands the challenges businesses face daily.

S & S HR Outsourcing provides a unique service based on the large demand for small and medium-sized businesses by helping them assess, evaluate and resolve their human resource needs. Business owners’ across Canada struggle to keep up with the ongoing requirements that not only the HR field demands of them but more importantly the requirements their staff demand of them.

Running a business is hard work and there are a lot of areas of business which require a lot of detail, development, research and follow through.  S & S Outsourcing will work with businesses just like your’s to help re-establish, create and implement the HR needs of your company while providing you with the time and income to continually move your business forward.